What in the world is going on here!?!?  
Heidi Clare is in the studio working on a new album. It is in its finishing stages and will be released soon. Stay tuned!.  
An Evening with Heidi Clare  
The New Project, The Goose Tatums are Heidi Clare, Eric Drew Feldman, Mick Hellman, and Erik Pearson. The group formed around the love of music with a deep groove. Heidi has a background in classical and bluegrass music and was raised on rock-n-roll thanks to her brothers. She gave up her promising hoops career in order to pursue music. Eric Drew cut his teeth with Captain Beefheart, makes the best pork ribs, orchestrated his first piece in 9th grade, and brilliantly plays everything from the keys to the minimoog. Mick would have a drum set as a permanent appendage if allowed, is a world champion cyclist, and holds an M.B.A. with Distinction from Harvard Business School. Erik graduated from Oberlin College, plays the banjo (they still haven’t forgiven him) and has graced the stage at the Kennedy Center. Erik is a multi-instrumentalist with giant musicianship. Here you have four unique individuals who possess an intense desire to communicate through music.  
The evening will begin with….  
Heidi Clare &  AtaGallop is an old-time trio with an intensity of punk music. They give it all...every moment. The trio consists of Ron Thomason, Erik Pearson, and Heidi Clare. Ron is a legend in the bluegrass world. He began his career with Ralph Stanley and has performing for 40 years with his band the Dry Branch Fire Squad. His mandolin playing is exquisite. Like Ron, Erik is a multi-instrumentalist with giant musicianship. In the trio he will play banjo completely unfettered. Heidi plays, dances, and sings with total abandon. You have been forewarned....  

Heidi's Performance Dates
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